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Tailored spaces for tenant-centric operation.

Our in-house construction team partners with the best general contractors in the region to build A-Class industrial buildings from the ground up. We have fine tuned our specifications to respect the highest building standards while incorporating sustainable materials. We are especially proud of our white roof systems that reflects heat instead of absorbing it thereby allowing for energy savings. We are equally proud of our ability to be flexible in order to accommodate our tenant needs.


Elevating services through comprehensive construction expertise.

The construction of our buildings is the bedrock of our capital division. Building a superior product from the ground up allows us to provide superior service from the start in that we fully understand all components of the building. Furthermore, we fully understand the manufacturer's scope of service for all equipment and the necessary on-going maintenance that will help us to exceed the estimated life of the major building components.


Transforming tenant experience with purpose-driven construction.

As the saying goes, "necessity is the mother of invention" and we built our first building to accommodate our prestigious tile and stone business. Starting as a tenant, we came to personally understand the challenges industrial tenants can encounter, as well as, the short comings of backward looking construction methods. We are highly motivated to build better product with a laser focus on first class components because we know first hand how much it matters.