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From the Lens of Daniel Civetta
Where design meets the art of living.
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Calacatta Cremo / Block 31.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Following this philosophy, Anatolia is proud to unveil our newest photography series "From the Lens of," showcasing our trademark products and standout collections captured through the unique perspective of visionary creatives from around the world.

Our debut showcase features Italian photographer Daniel Civetta. Civetta's work masterfully captures the beauty of the everyday - people, places, fleeting encounters, objects - inviting us to keenly observe the hidden magic quietly unfolding around us. In this series, Civetta masterfully accentuates the artistry distinguishing Anatolia's collections through his skillful use of chiaroscuro, an Italian artistic technique that plays with the contrast between light and shadows.

Taj Mahal / Block 36.
Spaces that resonate, telling stories that enrich the tapestries of memory.
Arabescato Corchia / Block 59.

Civetta's creative interpretation captures the grandeur of Anatolia's Sintered Stone Slabs. His exploration of texture and color reveals a new, unexpected delight with every touch. From the hypnotizing gradients of the Forge Eleganza backsplash to the enthralling rugged dynamism of the Arabescato Corchia tabletop, our designs reimagine spaces, infusing them with artistry and timeless charm. Design transcends the purely aesthetic to create discerning spaces that evoke a deep sense of balance and tranquility.

The soothing qualities of the Cristallo and Calacatta Cremo slabs beckon relaxation, capturing the light to reveal subtle hues and delicate veins that animate spaces of everyday living. Whether pausing for a quiet coffee break or sharing moments with loved ones, it offers a sublime canvas for making even the most ordinary moments, extraordinary.

Marina White / Block 46.
Calacatta Cremo / Block 31.
Gestures in conversation with spaces, revealing silhouettes that resonate with our memories and imagination.
Cristallo / Block 13.

Civetta’s photos are still lifes but they brim with energy, vibrating from the tension of quiet romance and raw beauty in each slab’s curated patterns. Fingertips ever so slightly glide over the Super White and Taj Mahal slabs, tracing the contours of their winding veins as if to unleash their untold stories.

These luxurious landscapes arise from the effortless sophistication of high-end materials and meticulous production, melding into a singular sensation that invites us to slow down and enjoy the moment. The intensity of the Calacatta Monti and Atlantic Ocean slabs' palettes - rich in light and dark grays with hints of blues and contrasting veins - create captivating, luminous spaces that suit modern sensibilities. Similarly, Marina White's marriage of earthy hues and supple details confer a calming allure, offering a sanctuary from the frenzy of the outside world.

A symphony of sophistication and style, conveyed in gestures and chiaroscuro.
Calacatta Monti / Block 54.

The spaces we inhabit are a window into the most intimate parts of ourselves. They build into a crescendo of sensations, moments, gestures, all woven in a tapestry of memory housed in people, spaces, and things. A mesmerizing homage to our products, Anatolia is delighted to have collaborated with Daniel Civetta to unveil this new side of our collections. Stay tuned for more collaborations to come!

Atlantic Ocean / Block 24.

About Daniel Civetta

Italian photographer Daniel Civetta works primarily with film photography, his editorial work spanning fashion, design, and architectural photography. Civetta's work masterfully captures the beauty of the mundane - people, places, fleeting encounters, objects - inviting us to keenly observe the hidden magic quietly unfolding around us.

Picking up a camera was second nature for Civetta; his father cultivated a love for the medium from a young age and it remained a passion for years before going pro. Based in Florence, his photographs have been featured in Openhouse Magazine, A.D., Vogue, Nuvo Magazine, Water Journal, Wrong Journal, and L’Essenziale Studio.