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Experience the ultimate expression of sophistication.

Anatolia's collection of sintered stone slabs offers a luxurious look and feel, capable of instantly transforming any space. Sintered stone slabs offer effortless maintenance and durability, making them an optimal solution for various applications. Elevate any space with Anatolia's premium sintered stone slabs, synonymous with luxury and functionality.

Calacatta Cremo / Block 31

The sintered stone slabs, crafted with a sustainable approach and optimized logistics efficiencies, offer a hygienic and waterproof solution. They stand resilient against UV rays, fire, and high temperatures, as well as scratches, impacts, ice, and frost. Additionally, they repel chemicals and stains, all while being securely packaged for superior protection.

Ariel Bianco / Block 33

The unveiling of Anatolia's newest sintered stone slab collection marks a milestone in our journey of craftsmanship, offering an expanded selection of finishes to elevate spaces. From the timeless elegance of polished surfaces to the understated sophistication of honed finishes, each piece tells a unique story of our dedication to creating beautiful and versatile surfaces.

Indulge in the luxurious allure of polished slabs, where sleek surfaces gleam with a mirror-like finish, inviting you to embrace elegance and sophistication with every step.
Experience the velvety elegance of honed slabs, where every surface is gently smoothed to perfection, offering a serene touch and a subtle, sophisticated allure that beckons with timeless beauty.
Discover the sumptuous charm of satin slabs, where each caress reveals a velvety smoothness, delicately crafted with a glaze to evoke a matte, yet opulent sensation beneath your fingertips
Super White / Block 28
True to nature designs, natural bookmatching.

In contrast to conventional approaches that mirror the primary slab to recreate bookmatched slab graphics, Anatolia takes pride in its authentic bookmatching process. Anatolia's expert design team carefully photographed and curated a true to nature bookmatch, allowing for the inherent beauty of the stone to shine through.


The perfect fusion of high-performance sintered stone and cutting-edge design. Anatolia's collection of slabs presents a diverse and extensive selection of solutions catering to various interior design trends. These slabs not only serve as wall coverings but also play a significant role in the design of furniture, countertops, and intricate details. This is made possible through the production of highly adaptable formats, sizes, and thicknesses. With its extensive catalog of sophisticated proposals, there is no shortage of inspiration.