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Anatolia's world of inspiration, innovation, and vision.
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"Integrity, honesty, and doing good business." These are Anatolia's principal core values, stated by the company's Co-CEO, Cengiz Elmaagacli. In this special video interview, Cengiz shares new insights about what drives the company’s innovation, research and inspiration, while detailing challenges faced and crediting the whole team for Anatolia's constant and remarkable growth.

"I truly believe that we have the most dedicated teams in the industry," affirms Cengiz. "From product development to customer service, to logistics, supply chain, marketing and finance… each team is equally dedicated today to the entire vision of the company." Cengiz's words perfectly embody the foundation of trust and passion on which the relationship between the different teams is built. His words capture the essence of Anatolia's history, its present, and its future, as a company that through experience and dedication, can look back in order to continue its evolution and success.

“We see every challenge as an opportunity, and that really drives innovation.”