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Ocean View, Talking Rooms.
Soothing tones meet luxurious textures.
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Gritty yet soft sand dunes, rolling waves turned to foam, clear blue skies - captivating landscapes that beckon relaxation and reverie. Escape to the comfort of a seaside sanctuary, where warm hues, soft textures, and soothing sounds mingle and crescendo into a symphony that enthralls the senses.

On the walls: 160 x 320 cm Atlantic Ocean / Block 24 and Lush Clay Utopio Artistry Mosaic. On the floor: 6 x 36 in / 14.7 x 90 cm Aspen Paper Birch Matte.

The sandy hue and mesmerizing grain of the Aspen Paper Birch glazed porcelain tiles, sets the serene ambiance of the space. Weaving between rooms and corridors, its studied simplicity quietly links transitional spaces, serving as a beautiful blank canvas for rustic and minimalist-inspired decor.

Lush Clay Utopio Artistry Mosaic.

The hypnotic gray hues of the Atlantic Ocean sintered stone slab catch the light as it peers through the floor-to-ceiling windows, opening up the space. An accent nook in Utopio Lush Clay mosaics enlivens the room, its organic contours and colors underscoring the fine line between wild, unpredictable Mother Nature and the spaces she inspires.

Let the ocean's soothing melody echo through your space, inspiring creativity and contemplation.
On the floor: 6 x 36 in / 14.7 x 90 cm Aspen Paper Birch Matte. On the counter: 160 x 320 cm Calcatta Corchia / Block 43. On the backsplash: 3 x 12 in / 7.5 x 30 cm Geometra Maze Powder Glossy.

Rays from the vanishing sunset - hazy yellow to deep orange and fuchsia - dance across the Kitchen area, energizing the heart of the home.

Calacatta Corchia’s expressive island is animated by jagged black veins brimming with textural intrigue on the countertop, complementing Geometra’s simple powder glaze and ridged designs of contemporary inspiration on the backwall. The boldness of the sintered stone slab, echoes the layered beauty of coastal cliffs, balancing the rugged charm of the seaside with sophisticated design elements.

On the floor: 160 x 320 cm Taj Mahal / Block 36. On the walls: Zen Fiji Cream Natural Pebble Matte Mosaic.
On the floor: 160 x 320 Taj Mahal / Block 36. On the walls: Zen Fiji Cream Natural Pebble Matte Mosaic.

Almost as if plucked from the shore itself, the elemental array of pebble mosaics from the Zen series mirrors the tranquility of the sea. Suited for meditation rooms, patios, and bathrooms, the smooth surface and natural gradients echo the rhythm of the waves as they kiss the shore. Superbly paired with the Taj Mahal sintered stone slab, whose striated, ethereal texture captures the versatility of monochrome and neutral-toned spaces.

Indulge in the luxury of coastal living with Anatolia’s collection of tiles, slabs, and mosaics.
On the floor: 6 x 24 in / 14.8 x 60.1 cm Vintagewood Dune. On the wall: 12 x 24 in / 30 x 60 cm La Marca Travertino Instrata

As the sun sets on another day, our exceptional surfaces cast a warm, comforting glow that is an invitation to relax, unwind, and embrace the serenity of the coast. Create your dream coastal getaway with Anatolia’s limitless selection of tiles, mosaics, and slabs.