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Cevisama 2023
Showcasing sophistication and enduring innovation. Valencia, Spain, Feb. 27 - Mar. 3.
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One booth, five days, countless opportunities.

Anatolia reprised its adventure at Cevisama. Sunny Valencia offered a superb backdrop to showcase our hallmark collections and our long-term design vision.

Anatolia's booth at Cevisama brought to life textures and colors with a range of new and timeless contemporary collections in our expansive catalog. Through sleek room vignettes and impeccably curated snapshots of decor arrangements, we offered an immersive experience for international clients seeking luxury interior design solutions.

Waterjet Mosaic Collection

With great enthusiasm, Anatolia unveiled its newest series Utopio Artistry Mosaics, breathtaking natural stone mosaics with intricate and colorful geometric designs that draw inspiration from a variety of styles. Available in 14 different patterns and additional color options, the patterns range from traditional to Art Deco and sleek minimalism. These sublime mosaics will undoubtedly become the focal point of any decor with their timeless and impeccable production.

Driven by tradition. Inspired by innovation.
Left: Waterjet Mosaic Collection. Vanity Wall: 18 x 36 in / 45.7 x 91.4 cm Aqua Intenso Brushed Marble

We reprised the showcase of our classic collections of natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles. Natural hues and designs dominated the scene, revealing an inviting ambiance.

Marked by an ethereal gradient of cool greys and blues evoking the gentle movements of water, our Aqua Intenso brushed marble tiles exude harmony and serenity without renouncing sophistication. Novel format Prisma, an asymmetrical angled shape, and Fluto, concave, and their varied applications for interior spaces are a testament to the collection’s versatility.

18 x 36 in / 45 x 90 cm Viola Roccia Honed Marble
4 x 12 in / 10 x 30 cm Aqua Intenso Prisma Marble
Soothing aesthetics that leave a lasting impression.
Right wall: Mjörk collection. Sides of the bookcase: 12 x 36 in / 30 x 90 cm Raffino Calacatta Dolce Alto. Left wall: Soho Collection.

Taking center stage was Mjörk, merging bush-hammered Piasentina limestone with crisp quartz veining, created in porcelain. The expressive character of limestone and gentle nuances and color gradients are the hallmarks of an aesthetic that fits naturally into contemporary and natural spaces.

Raffino, premium marble designs combined with elegant three-dimensional patterns that reveal sophisticated arrangements. The beauty of this design is best showcased as a backdrop for smooth and sleek elements while its earthy nuances and neutral colors are easily adaptable to luxe, elegant design spaces.

Left: Tapestri collection. Left floor: 8.5 in / 21.6 cm Tapestri Denim Hexagon Blend. Right wall: Soho Collection

Tapestri, a modern interpretation of encaustic tiles, and Soho, a playful collection of tiles and mosaics inspired the timeless appeal of a classic look reimagined with a contemporary palette. Their delicate graphic, textural quality and inviting color palette dominated by earthy blues, grays, and greens offer soothing yet versatile aesthetics that suit a wide variety of design styles and uses.

La Marca, a sublime offering of premium marble designs in glazed porcelain, also made an appearance. This exclusive collection of ultra-realistic designs is richly interpreted with superb detail, from the depth of color to shade rendering.

8.5 in / 21.6 cm Tapestri Denim Hexagon Blend

What an opportunity to present the best that Anatolia has to offer! Thank you to all those who visited our booth for this edition's great turnout. It has been a pleasure to share our vision for design and spend time with visitors curious to discover our new products and interested in forging collaborations. Until next year, ¡hasta luego!

Classic elegance that never goes out of style.